Middle School PBIS

"Welcome to the Middle School Class Dojo page for Elcho School.  We are happy you are interested in learning more about our middle school and how you can keep in touch with your child's teachers.  This is also the place that can keep you aware of what is going on each day at school.  

Class Dojo is a communication app that can easily be downloaded to any phone or computer.  Once you have the app and have joined your child's class, it is quick and convenient to send and receive messages from their teachers regarding current class activities.  

The easiest way to join is to let any middle school teacher know you are interested and share your email with them.  They will then enter your email in Dojo and send you an invitation.  As soon as you accept the invitation you will be able to communicate easily with all the teachers your student spends their days with.  Easy~peasy!

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!"

Middle School Teachers/PBIS Committee
Paige Roland  ~  proland@elchoschool.org
Charlotte Schramke  ~  cschramke@elchoschool.org
Frank Bernhagen  ~  fbernhagen@elchoschool.org
Travis Goeks  ~  tgoeks@elchoschool.org
Kathleen Klos  ~  kklos@elchoschool.org
Lauren Schilling  ~  lschilling@elchoschool.org
Jamie Robrecht  ~  jrobrecht@elchoschool.org
Tammy Schroeder  ~  tschroeder@elchoschool.org