Board Profiles

Elcho School Board Members

Mr. Dave Visser
Mr. Dave Visser, President (email: dvisser@elchoschool.org)
David Visser was elected to the board in April, 2005.  Dave and his wife, Heather, have 3 children, Nathan, Ruth, and Rachel who attend the Elcho School District.  Dave received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Lawrence University, and is involved with two family businesses; Builders Service, Inc. and Stamps by Judith & Heather.  When asked why he ran for the Elcho School Board he stated: “When I first ran for the board it was a way to give back to the community in which I grew up and the school which provided my education.  Now that I have three children in the district, I want to make sure that they and all their classmates have access to all the opportunities they need to explore and develop their unique interests and talents."

Mrs. Michelle Klingler
Mrs. Michelle Klingler, Clerk (email: mklingler@elchoschool.org)
Michelle Klingler was appointed to the board July, 2016. Michelle and her husband, Devin have 4 children-Kyle, Kristian, Keegan, and Karly. All four children attend Elcho School from elementary to high school. Michelle received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. When asked why she ran for the Elcho School Board she stated, "I want to be part of the decisions to be able to provide the best educational opportunities for our children and community. I believe the school board is a critical part between teachers, parents and administration. I believe the best thing you can do for your children is to be there and be involved in their schooling and related activities."


Mrs. Ann Mas
Mrs. Ann Mas, Vice President (email: amas@elchoschool.org)
Ann Mas was elected to the board in April, 2010. She is currently serving as Clerk of the Board along with being on the Finance and Curriculum Committees. Mrs. Mas moved to Pelican Lake, Wisconsin, from Illinois in 2002, after retiring from the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services as a DHS Caseworker Manager. Mrs. Mas is the wife of Edward Mas and the mother of one daughter, one son, and one stepdaughter. She also has seven grandchildren, in which three are in the Elcho School District. She graduated from Carlinville High School in 1972 and attended Lincoln Land Community College, as well as completing numerous training programs needed or required for her job position with the State. When asked why she ran for the Elcho School Board she stated, “I wanted to get involved in the community and because of her grandchildren. Elcho School is an exceptional rural school with a wonderful, dedicated staff and she wants to work to ensure that for all of our childrens’ future."

Mrs. Mary Moore, Treasurer (email: mmoore@elchoschool.org)
Mary Moore was elected to the board in April, 2010. She also serves on the Building & Grounds, Curriculum and Finance Committees. Mrs. Moore has been married to her husband, Chuck, for 54 years and has 5 children and 12 grandchildren.Mrs. Moore attended a private grammar school and high school and then attended a year at a technical school. She worked at a pharmacy for 2 years, a doctor’s office for 4 years, and then 20 years at an OB-GYN office for 6 doctors and 5 physician assistants, as a lead receptionist. She also coached girls’ softball and was a Brownie and a Girl Scout Leader. When asked why she ran for the Elcho School board she stated, “because I am very interested in childrens’ education and all that is connected with it."

Board Member Jaclynn Murphy
Mrs. Jaclynn Murphy, Member (email: jmurphy@elchoschool.org)
Jaclynn Murphy was appointed to the board in October 2017. Jaclynn and her husband, Tim, have a son, Joshua, who attends Elcho School. Jaclynn received her associate's degree in accounting from Nicolet Area Technical College and is an accountant at Wipfli LLP, a position she has held since 2007. When asked why she ran for the Elcho School Board she stated "I care about the education of our children and I want to see them succeed. Elcho School is a great school and it is amazing to see what everyone does to contribute to each students' success."