Elcho Early Learning Center

Elcho Early Learning Center 

Elcho Early Learning Center is a DPI licensed child care program serving children 6 weeks through 12 years. With the support of Elcho School District, the Early Learning Center is located inside the public school. Children have access to a full size gymnasium, developmentally appropriate playground equipment, a daily hot lunch and qualified early childhood teachers that believe the greatest amount of learning will take place within a positive relationship with your child. Based upon Creative Curriculum, our program provides many interactive, hands on opportunities for your child to reach their fullest potential. 

Elcho Early Learning Center operates Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. year round except for legal holidays. 

Conferences are scheduled twice a year so you have the opportunity to celebrate your child's growth.

Bus transportation is available for children 3 years and older provided a sibling accompanies them to/from the school bus.

Nutritious meals and snack served meeting your child's dietary needs.

A Young Star participating program that requires continuous quality evaluation and child care teacher education. 

Please feel free to contact Becca Multhauf if you have additional questions 715-275-3225 Ext. 250.


 2015/2016 Parent Handbook.pdf
The parent handbook outlines all the center policies. All parents are encouraged to read it carefully and call the director with any questions. At the end of the parent handbook is a form that enrolling families are requested to sign and return to the center with their other enrollment paperwork.

If your child will be riding the school bus to/from child care this form must be completed. Children three years of age must be accompanied by an older sibling to ride the bus unless they are enrolled in Head Start or school special education services. Children under three cannot ride the school bus for safety reasons. Contact the Elcho School office for busing information.

 Child Care Health History & Emergency Care Plan.pdf
This form gives us important information on any health concerns your child may have. Be sure your emergency contacts are accessible during childcare hours of operation. Return this form prior to attendance.

 Child Health Report-Physician's Form.pdf
TheChild Health Report must be completed by a physician, PA or nurse practitioner prior to attendance. Completion of this form verifies your child is healthy enough for group care.

 Children's Schedule Form.pdf
This form will tell the center the days and hours your children need childcare. Please return this to Becca Multhauf the Wednesday prior to using childcare.

Enrollment form updated 9:13.pdf
This is the initial enrollment/application form for participation in theEarly Learning Center. Please fill out all the lines and if something does not apply to you put an NA in the space provided.

Immunization records must be completed for children attending child care. If you would like a waiver from the immunization requirement, please completeStep 4 and sign the form.

 Intake Information for Children Over 2.pdf
If your child is over two years of age please complete this form so that we may know more about your child's routines. Feel free to add any information you believe would be helpful to us when caring for your child. Return this form prior to attendance.

 Intake Information for Infants_Toddlers.pdf
Complete this form only if your child is six weeks to two years. Information shared will help us to establish routines with your child that are consistent with your home routines. Please return this completed form prior to attendance.
Head Start Applications for 2015/2016 Are Being Accepted
    We are accepting applications for the 2015/2016 Head Start preschool program at Elcho Learning Center.  Head Start is a free preschool program for low income families. Children three and four years may apply.  4K children that qualify, may attend Head Start classes in the morning and 4K in the afternoon.  If you would like an application, they are available from Ms Diane at 715-275-3225 Ext. 125.