Open Source Solutions

Building an Open Source Library

Many parents, students, and community members have computers and may not realize that it is possible to build a repertoire of tools that can be used at no cost to them.  Below, we have listed links to free tools that will help build a library of computer programs allowing you to perform common tasks like word processing, presenting, photo editing, and more.  All of these programs are used at Elcho School, which means students can create files at home and open them at school without any problem. 

The first set of tools are for download and installation.  If not specified, they are able to be installed on the Mac or Windows platforms.

Open Office- a must have for word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, and drawing programs that can open and saved in Open Office and MS Word formats
Firefox - web browser
Google Chrome- web browser
Seashore (Mac Only) - basic photo editing
GIMP Windows/GIMP Mac- more advanced photo editing
Audacity - sound file editing and creation
Freemind - mind mapping software

The second set of tools are links to "Web 2.0" tools that may be helpful to our community members.  Many of these are also being used regularly in the school.

Gmail - set up a free email account
Dropbox - free on line data storage able to be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection, including tablets, laptops, and smart phones
Google Docs - free on line creation and storage of word processed documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more
Wikispacecs - create your own wiki pages
Glogster- create on line, multimedia posters and share them